Suede is Sway


Happy Hump Day!

I've been meaning to post this outfit but I was on vacation in Colorado visiting my sister and relatives! I know I haven't been doing a good job sharing more photos of outfits from my Instagram, but I will definitely get back to it. I have not unpacked yet and there are already events I have planned this upcoming weekend that I am getting ready for. It's time to catch up in reality!

Suede is definitely the sway to go (pwuahaha) this spring. I also believe it's going to follow into summer because who doesn't love suede? Lately I've been looking for more styles that have not usually been part of my wardrobe as I like trying new trends and styles. In this outfit I am wearing two pieces from Primark, their black knit laced crop top and their super cute suede pencil skirt. I'm wearing my favorite heeled booties from ALDO Shoes, and of course, my double tour apple watch band. This wool hat from H&M was great for blocking the sun since I didn't pair it with any coverup or sunglasses, but all three are great options to go with the outfit so feel free to style it however you like! Suede is a great material for every piece of clothing there is. Soft, classy, and chic! Check out this InStyle post that shares the many possibilities of wearing suede for Spring.

Last but not least, I am working on a post that will recap my vacation in Colorado, so stay tuned for that, loves.