L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil VoxBox Review

Happy Sunday, lovelies! I have another great Voxbox review from Influenster to share with you. I’ve done a lot of reviews of the VoxBoxes and I'm so pleased with all of the ones I've received (for free, literally) You can read about my St. Ives, YSL Rogue Pur Couture, and my first VoxBox ever!  

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Enough blabbering, let's get on with the review!


Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo
Eliminating dryness shampoo that includes ingredients such as coconut, argan, soja, sunflower, chamomile, and amla. I love the subtle coconut & sunflower scent this shampoo has -it lasts for two days and smells wonderful! I would definitely purchase this shampoo solely because of the smell. Believe me when I say it is great for dry hair!

Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner
Oh. my. gosh. This conditioner is truly amazing as I can feel a huge difference when I apply this to my hair in the shower. This past year I have been dying my hair a lot, going from blonde to silver and trying to maintain the color has been tough on my hair. Its natural oils are basically nonexistent until the very 4th day of not washing my hair (I shower every day, but my stylist recommends washing my hair 3-4+ days after). Before using the shampoo & conditioner, usually by the 3rd day the ends of my hair feels very dry still and loses its natural shape thanks to bed heads, but as I am writing this its been two days and it still feels very brand new and silky smooth. 

Left to right: 1.) Three days of not washing hair | 2.) Completely dry after using extraordinary hair care | 3.) Damp *hair-cared* | 4.) Blow dried *hair-cared* close-up.

Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Transforming Oil-in-Cream
Leave-in treatment that is lightweight, nourishing, non-greasy, and rejuvenating for lifeless hair. This oil-in-cream is to be used on dry hair as a finishing touch or damp hair and worked throughout the hair depending on the length. After washing my hair, it already feels so silky and soft that it's hard to notice the difference when using this product. 

Extraordinary Lustrous Oil Serum
An instant shine product that is lightweight, non-greasy, and adds a silky touch to the hair. You can use this on dry hair to give it a nice shine, or apply it after you have used the shampoo and conditioner. 


thoughts concluded

I would definitely purchase the shampoo and conditioner and the oil serum as I feel it is necessary to have some kind of finishing touch. I highly recommend L'Oreal's Advanced Hair Care because they are great affordable products that gets the job done and truly transforms dry and dull hair into beautiful silky & healthy hair! It is well worth for its price and purpose.

What are you currently using for your hair type? Feel free to leave any comment below, I'll make sure to read, respond, and return the favor :)

*All products were received for free from Influenster for testing purposes and complimentary review. All opinions are my own.*