Window Shopper

I work at a mall and I have to say that my biggest problem with that is I tend to impulsively shop on days I'm bored or sad because shopping eases my mind. Most of the time it's after days I'm working where I just want to "roam". I used to be those very annoying shoppers who would take hours just to decide if I wanted to buy that one thing my eyes were almost sold on... and then walk out empty handed. So to stop my obsession, I window shop more frequently and avoid walking into stores to see something I will want to buy. When I'm outside the store it's easier for me to say oh well, but when I'm in my favorite store it's like man I'm ready to buy right now! Funny how that works!

Andrew and I spent time together at two different malls as we wanted to grab a burger at shake shack and buy new Nike shoes at their Wrentham outlets. I’ll show you guys those later as I want to talk about the outfit I’m wearing here! 

With this outfit, I wanted to be casually comfortable, which is the type of style I've been having lately. This H&M denim like shirt is one of my favorites because who doesn’t like button-up denims? And I LOVE my camisoles. I only get my camisoles from White House Black Market because they last a lifetime and are one of the best quality camisoles for BOGO 50% off. My jeans are also from WHBM from their outlets a few years ago, but they recycle the style almost every season or year, which I love so that way if you ever miss out on a pair, there's always next time!

Photos taken by AeroXander

Top H&M | White House Black Market White Tank
White House Black Market Jeans & Necklace
Toms Shoes, Gold Soul Rings

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