Kwinsturr x AHAVA

I am so excited to share with you guys a brand I just recently discovered. AHAVA reached out to me to try out three of their greatest products and so far I have been extremely impressed! I've never tried anything that contained minerals from the Dead Sea, a hyper-saline lake located at Earth's lowest surface point, and is one of the many fascinating bodies of water on our planet! I am generally aware of the benefits of dead sea minerals for the skin, so you have no idea how quickly I tried them after receiving it. When I review products, I take time to test them to see for myself (and for you of course) how well it works and if it is worth. 

AHAVA's Purifying Mud Mask is my first mud mask ever and almost immediately after use, I felt the improved health of my skin. I do recommend this product for anyone who has sensitive skin because it works and it is gentle and easy to apply. The one thing I must warn is that it may have a burning sensation as it starts to dry, but that's why it's soooo so important to read the directions thoroughly! You only need to keep this mask on your face for two minutes (or less if needed) and then thoroughly rinse with water and avoid getting it in your eyes! If you're not sure how sensitive your skin is, you can apply it to a small area to see how your skin reacts. I'm going to continue using this product because the results were EXTREMELY satisfying. My skin felt smooth, healthy, and brand new. To finish it off, I usually apply my nightly oil and my skin feels refreshed in the morning.

When I used the Refreshing Cleansing Gel, I felt very confident in the product and instantly I looked forward to spending more time with it as I continue my use. I use the gel to remove my makeup as it comes off so easily with no leftover makeup. My skin felt extremely soft and smooth, and it is actually one of the facial products I brought along with me to California. You can see the shine in your skin after it dries from washing it off, whaaatt!

AHAVA's Purifying Mud Soap is an anti-bacterial and oil-free cleanser designed to gently remove impurities and refresh skin. This has such a great smell to it and what I like about this product is that you can use this for either face or body wash. The formula is strong and good for you if you have acne prone skin just like me! I like to use this product twice a week to maintain a clean skin thanks to the beneficial ingredients in this mud soap. <3

If you ever consider trying out a new product that is great for your skin, do consider this brand as it is top quality in my honest opinion.

Photos taken by Quynh Nguyen
Products were gifted from AHAVA for complimentary review and testing purposes.
Dead Sea,&nbsp; Image credit

Dead Sea, Image credit