First Three Days in California

Observatory at UC Berkeley

Observatory at UC Berkeley

I've been traveling in California around San Francisco, Oakland, Pinole, Richmond, Albany, and Berkeley. The first three days were filled with touring cool tagged areas, cities, and waterfronts :) This will be a rushed post mainly because I don't want to spend too much time talking about my adventures when I can be DOING them! ;) Enjoy the photos that capture the moments I'd like to share with you all! I had my first In-n-Out burger, did Henna tattoo for the first time ever, and roamed the streets of Berkeley and had brunch at Jupiter! The Pizza was DELICIOUS and the restaurant was super busy so we couldn't sit outside. 

Last night we went out to a bar and karaoke with a couple of Jesse's friends and his siblings.
We have a long day ahead of us as it's time to venture out to San Francisco! 
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I don't have much time right now to fill more info, it's time to eat! But stay tuned for more photos guys.

Berkeley Marina
Albany Waterfront
Photographs by Jesse Nguyen & Quynh | 'Edited' by Me