Bikini Bikinis

Hello! I've had a long week of various celebrations and hang outs with friends so I apologize for the delay of updates. I hope you all had a great 4th of July spending time with family, friends, and strangers! 

Year round I spend a lot of time looking for the perfect bathing suit. I used to be that girl who would look for push up bras and swimsuits that gave a lot of push... because let's be honest, I'm not big in the chest and that was definitely an insecurity of mine. But as I started to be more acceptant of my body I've learned to love my body just the way it is. I'm okay with not having a big chest or a big butt, but I know what I look good in and what I don't so I do what I can to work with what I've got! So ladies, let's spend more time embracing our bodies rather than enhancing our bodies :)

The first photo of this post is one that captures my oldest swim suits to the most recent. Like I said I am always on the search for a new swim suit and you'll probably be able to find similar ones from all kinds of retailers! A lot of the swim pieces I own are from VS and my favorite swim bottom is the high-leg itsy bottom which you will see below!


This swim top is from Target! It is unbelievably cute on and I was lucky enough to find the last one in my size! Let's say I felt like I was about to dive with some dolphins when I wore this. The material is great quality and is padded enough to prevent any evidently cold parts of our body (if you know what I mean...) Hehehe.

I love unique bathing suits with weird cut outs for potentially weird tan lines. This one below is also from Target and it fits perfectly. I love the traditional bra-scrappy swim tops because then I can adjust the fit of it with the metal piece.

Victoria Secret.

Victoria Secret is definitely the number 1 place I love to see what's in store for bikini season! This one below is one that caught my eye while aimlessly browsing in their online clearance section. I always try on bathing suits because of my petite build because It's hard to find that perfect fit but I loathe fitting rooms! I spend way too much time in the fitting rooms trying to justify my purchases. I took my chance with this top and immediately ordered one of the last XS size available. It is truly daring with its deep wide plunge but I love the gold neck ring! This top cost me less than $20.00! What a steal from VS!!

Photos by AeroXander | Edited by Me
Swimsuits from Target & Victoria Secret.