My Glance of Apple Watch


Not too long ago my 38mm stainless steel with a modern buckle Watch came in the mail! I just had to take pictures when I got it! I am so in love although I am still trying to adjust to the fact that I'll be wearing a watch on my wrist. Prior to the Watch, I was never a watch wearer until I fell in love with its technology and design. As an Apple fan I admit that the watch is not for everyone and even though I continue to learn more, for now it is merely a toy that I enjoy having!

My favorite features of the Watch includes:

1. Texting and messaging. I find myself not texting as often with the watch but it is convenient as the alerts allow me to be more aware and less likely to miss phone calls or text messages. When I am at work I tend not to check my phone as often because I do not want to take it out frequently (I have a wallet-type case).

2. Glances. This feature is like a showcase of widgets for certain apps that I want to quickly see. On my glances, I have the battery life percentage, music, heart rate, calendar, weather, maps, twitter, instagram, mint, and discover. 

3. Camera 'remote'. More ways to take selfies! Ha! Some people wonder why the watch does not have a camera and I personally believe it does not need one. Why would I want to take a picture of something or someone with my watch when I can have a longer arms length and use my phone with much higher quality? The timer, however, is awesome and I would like to use it more often. 

4. Heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor has got to be my favorite feature about the watch itself. I actually wish it was available years ago when I was diagnosed with SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia)  at the age of 17. I may have still had to wear the holter monitors for 24 hours as my doctors insisted, but it would have given me a better insight on how my heart was behaving when I was not wearing the monitor. I remember my doctors would ask me how often I felt my heart race... but there was never a way for me to recall exactly since I could never keep up with tracking it manually. So thank you Apple for this thoughtful feature!

5. Switching Bands. I think it is AWESOME that I can switch out different bands with the one watch face I have. The band I am wearing is made of French leather which could get ruined at the gym, so I purchased a blue sport band as an alternative. Imagine all the possible outfits I can match with! I will have other colors in the future but for now I am satisfied with my current bands!

There is still so much more to learn and to look forward to, but these are the small features I wanted to share and how Watch has kept me in sync and in love. 

To learn more about the Watch, visit the Apple website to read all about it.

Photography by Aero & Me | Edited by Me

Romper: H&M
Watch: Apple