4 Apps I Cannot Live Without

    When I am bored, I like to explore the app store and see what new apps are available that I can download to increase my daily productivity. I want to share with you guys the four important apps in my life and why. I find it easier for me to manage my life and how I go about my day knowing that these apps are here to help make life easier. Some of you may be familiar with these apps and some of you might not be. If you have a favorite app whether it be from the Google Play or App Store, feel free to share. I love discovering new apps!

1. Mint. 

    Mint is the one and only app I love to manage my finances with. It tells me exactly everything I need to know from daily to monthly expenses, budgets, bill reminders, and allows me to categorize transactions that are not already categorized. It gives a great overview of how much I am spending during a specific time frames. Advices are given based on how you spend and what your financial situation looks like. There are times where the app makes me feel bad about where my money goes, hah! Though I highly recommend utilizing Mint since its one of the best apps out there for finance budgeting. Learn more about Mint here.

2. VSCOcam. 

    Oh VSCOcam, how I love the way you allow me to edit my photos. I find that VSCO is much easier to use than Adobe Express or Lightroom on my iPhone. I can select from many free filters and manually adjust the lighting of almost every feature in the photo. From the exposure to temperature, contrast, fade, vignette, tint, saturation, and so much more! This is the app most of my pictures go through before I post them just because I am so in love with the app. VSCOCam is free to download and while they have some paid filters, they offer some very beautiful filters for free too. Learn more about VSCO here.

3. Evernote

    Evernote is the app where I like to store all of my notes electronically. I spend a lot of time on my devices so I figured to give Evernote a try. Boy do I love it! Its an organized version of the iOS Notes app and thanks to the design and functionality of Evernote, it was exactly what I was looking for. My favorite feature about Evernote is that I can create separate notebooks. I have a notebook titled 'Published Articles/Posts' while the other is 'Work in Progress' with all notes categorized accordingly. I also have the MacApp for it on my laptop and I love that it syncs directly to my mac. It definitely helps a lot for when I want to jot down a couple of inspirational ideas or notes for the day. Evernote is available for free and paid for needed upgrades. Learn more about Evernote here

4. Pages

    I wish I had my mac all four years of college because Pages has been a huge lifesaver throughout my senior year. I have every document stored in Pages and the iCloud. I love how I can easily access and modify the documents from my iPad, iPhone, and Macbook Pro. I was a huge Microsoft Word user until I learned how simple and object oriented Pages is compared to all the other word processors. It is also less overwhelming in terms of available features with the tabs on the side. I still love word and in fact, Pages allows me to save and share documents in four different formats: Pages, PDF, Word, and ePub. Best part? Its free in the App store. Learn more about Pages here.

All photos are screenshots from me via iPhone.
Kwinsturr is in no way affiliated with the companies who provide these apps and are my own personal opinion. 

Thanks guys!