Influenster Review: Bella VoxBox

    I am so excited to share with you guys the sample products I have received from Influenster for free and complimentary review purposes. I was recently introduced to Influenster by my friend Krystal and I am so glad she did! All I did was sign up, write reviews about products I use every day, and earn 'impact points'. I was selected to receive free samples in the mail and review about the products I wish I discovered before! If you are interested in learning more about the community, feel free to sign up here using my referral link! Anyway, let’s dive into the details of my Bella VoxBox!

1. Dove Chocolate.

I found my new favorite snack. I do not purchase snacks on a regular basis but when I say these dark chocolate covered blueberries by Dove fruit Chocolate are delicious, I mean it. It is rich in flavor and I suggest trying some. You'll fall in love. The price for a bag ranges between $1.88-$2.69, so I think I'll go on a small splurge to last me a few weeks!

2. Rimmel London by Kate.

"Lasting Finish by Kate Moss". The color I got was 06. Tried it on and loved the color! The lipstick itself is extremely pigmented & lasted all day. Just don't plan on eating a Chipotle burrito while wearing this lipstick, ha! There was a scent, but a pleasant one. And it comes in 15 different colors!! I have to say Influenster did a great job picking out the color that best fit my personality. 

"Idol Eyes". I was in need of a new mascara so I was pretty excited to get Rimmel London by Kate. I'm not too picky with what mascara I use so this one worked just fine. It went on the way I expected. I have no complaints about the curves on this wand but I can see why most people would prefer the straight ones. I had to rotate it a few times to get the angle I needed. Compared to their Rockin' Curves, the formula in that one is better quality than the Idol Eyes mascara. 

3. Sally Hansen // Airbrush Legs

After I applied the product on my legs, I realized how badly I need a tan this summer! It definitely gave my legs that airbrush look and did not make my skin look too orange. Andrew admitted it looked natural and I was highly amused! Prior to application, I did not lotion my legs. The only concern I have for the product is how easily it could rub off on clothing, especially if I plan on wearing white shorts and sandals. Despite the concern, if you're not much of a sun person I would recommend this product. See my result below!

4. EcoTools // Mattifying Finish Brush

Super soft bristles and a smooth handle to deal with! What I like about this brush is how soft and gentle it disperses the product to my skin. I use this brush for my powder foundation as it keeps my skin shine-free throughout the day. The wood on the handle is really smooth too! The mattifying finish brush is not the only brush I own from Ecotools and I am again pleased with a product of theirs.

5. Not Your Mother's // Deja vu Do

The style extender made my hair feel silky and smell fantastic after a nice shower. The process was quick, easy, and painless. Squeezed a nickel sized amount in my palm and spread it evenly from my roots to the tips of my hair. A nickel size might be small for those who have a lot of hair, but after using it you'll get the gist of it. Andrew loved the smell! 

Thank you for stopping by and reading my reviews! Until next time,

Photography by Quynh Nguyen

*All products were received for free from Influenster for testing purposes and complimentary review. All opinions are my own.*