Beloved 3: Lipsticks

I have a ton of lip stains/lip sticks that I occasionally rotate throughout the week.
I want to share with you the three favorite brands that I absolutely adore and the products I cannot live without!


Sephora Collection

Hands down, Sephora's Cream Lip Stain is the best matte lip stain I've purchased. Very vibrant and long lasting! It is offered in 16 different colors!



Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty is my second favorite. Their high pigment pencils and luminous creme lipstick duo glide on easily while moisturizing the lips! I love me a 2-in-1 lipstick to travel with ;)



I love their Luxe Creme Lipstick. Its super affordable and still gives that high quality look. Nourishing and pigmented, just how my lips like it.

Photography by Quynh Nguyen

bhcosmetics // Creme Luxe Lipstick // Sweet Mango, Moody Merlot, & Red Truffle.
Bite Beauty // High Pigment Pencil 
Sephora Collection // 01-Always Red // 03-Strawberry Kissed
For the nude, it looks like Sephora changed the color a bit. The number is 02 but its darker than the 02-Peach Tart.

Until next time, loves! 

xx Quynh