The Workspace

     Having an organized workspace is so important to staying focused and determined. It helps to sit at a desk and focus on the one work or project that needs to get done without too many distractions. I was never organized when I had my own desk at my parent's house. My desk was cluttered with old papers from high school as well as my older sister's. After looking through the internet and searching for inspirational workspace decor, I wish I was more organized with my workspace! Now that I live with my boyfriend and his family, I don't really have my own desk. However I do use their large dining room table as my workspace whenever I do need to sit down and get things done which is just fine to me- I posted a photo of it on my Instagram. :)

     My ideal desk would be a simple medium-sized white table decorated with cute inspirational decors with a modern look and feel (see photos 4 or 5 below). A small vase with flowers, some candles, pen and pencils, and notebooks will do! My desktop will most definitely have to have an iMac even if I don't need one. I'm a huge Apple fan and I just love the way an iMac looks. Ironically, workspace decor that I have Googled below all have an Apple computer at the center of the desk. I'll take it as a sign.

     What would your ideal workspace look like? Feel free to share below, choose one from here if you see one or send a link. Happy Sunday all and I hope you have a great day.

xoxo Quynh

I do not take credit for these gorgeous photos. I googled "workspace decor" and these are the main photos that appeared in results. Credits go to their rightful owners.