Tight Stripes & Poofy Skirts

    I love stripes but I believe it is one of the patterns I have the least in my closet. I'm hoping to change that! I went to H&M awhile ago and found this super adorable skirt that I immediately fell in love with once I paired it with this off-the-shoulder top, also from H&M. My work is right across from H&M, so you can imagine how often I stop by this particular retail brand.

    When you're shopping at H&M, you want to definitely try on different pieces before you just 'grab & go.' I used to be a size 2/XS but I've come to realize that a 4/S is better for my body type, regardless of the slight loose fit. Their sweaters do shrink when washed, so I always go with a bigger size or sometimes even a medium depending on the material. Online orders are not available for in-store returns, so take my word for it and try it on before you purchase (I learned it the hard way.)

    I paired this outfit with White House Black Market's necklace from a previous collection. They do not have this particular necklace available anymore but anytime a friend asks me for a durable piece of jewelry, I definitely recommend WHBM. Their jewelry does not contain nickel which is great for those who have allergic reactions to it. Another great feature is how versatile the pieces are. The necklace I am wearing can be worn separate (as shown below) with various outfits. 

Photography by Krystal Gillespie 
Krystal is a great (&best!) friend of mine. She inspires me every day, seriously. If you do not know/heard of her, I highly suggest you check out her Youtube channel.

Shirt: H&M | Skirt: H&M
Necklace: White House Black Market
Earrings: LoveCulture | Rings: H&M & Gold Soul
Heels: Vince Camuto 'Norida' @ Macys

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