Peeking Thighs and Knee High Boots

    This winter has been extremely brutal for us in the east coast, especially where I live just outside of Boston. It’s been awhile since I’ve worn something like this because of the cold weather, but I wanted to put this together to see how bearable it would be to have my thighs exposed since my thighs always tend to feel the coldest.

    I love the Wilson’s Leather coat that I paired with LolaShoetique’s Risky Outlaw boots because of the details that compliment. These boots are absolutely gorgeous and I adore them! Although my friend likes to call them “hoochi-mama” boots!

    The trick I tend to do is wear my knee high boots the most for special occasions during the winter because it gives me the perception that it keeps my legs warmer than if I were to wear anything else. I need to invest in some new leg warmers! But for now this will do. :)


Photos by Me

Coat: Wilson’s Leather 
Dress: Charlotte Russe 
Boots: LolaShoetique 
Earrings: White House Black Market