Winter Wince

    The other day I spent the whole day with my boyfriend and asked him to take these photos for me. He’s not big on photography but I have to give it to him with the result of these photos. I decided I wanted to go to Best Buy to see if there were any point and shoot cameras to make it easier for him (since he says it’s hard for him to look in my Canon Rebel XS, hah).  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then watched Big Hero 6 at night. This movie was awesome! If you have not seen it yet then I totally recommend it! I need a Baymax Plush now.

    Friday was chilly despite the clear skies and blazing sun (so tired of this cold). This look was inspired by me wanting to try something new. Thinking back to the previous winters, I can recall how many sweaters I’ve had; about 5 and that was it. This winter I found myself more fond of sweaters because of how simple it was to piece it with others. The Gold Soul vintage choker is the first choker necklace I own… and I love it! Funny story about it is that my boyfriend’s mother thought I got a tattoo on my neck at first glance. A tattoo on my neck like that? Ouch!

    The only ring I ever wore for years was my mom’s matching silver ring that she, my sister, and I all wear. It feels weird to me not having it on because I find myself constantly making sure it’s on my finger. However, I am always willing to try something different.


Photo CreditsAeroXander 
Check out my favorite piece from Aero.

SweaterH&M | JeansWhite House Black Market
Vintage Wicked ChokerGold Soul
Black Trio Coal RingGold Soul
Jacket & EarringsWhite House Black Market

xoxo, Quynh