Fall-ow Me


Hello there!

It's gotten so chilly that I have to start digging my wardrobe for sweaters again. With this look I wore one of my favorite H&M button-ups and my new wool coat from the Primark that just opened in the US. Two nights ago I was invited as a VIP guest to HerCampus' College Fashion Week in Boston and met another blogger who wore the exact same coat as me. It's a piece to die for and I wish I also got it in red! This is my combination of chic and laid back. I was super comfortable in these joggers but also wanted to maintain a feminine look.

I always have to thank Andrew for taking time out of his music production sessions to snap awesome photos for me. I stupidly forgot to grab the SD card for the Canon Rebel XS we were supposed to use! However... these photos came out a lot better than expected! We scouted for a place to shoot and ended up at the path that I used to walk to elementary school from the 3rd to 6th grade! So many memories.

A closer look.

Photography by AeroXander | Shot on iPhone 6s
Edited by Me via VSCO Cam

Top & Bottom: H&M | Tank: WHBM | Coat: Primark
Wrists: Apple Watch | Gold Soul Rings | Monthlygift. #AreYouGifted hairtie
Booties: H&M | Nail Wrap: Jamberry
Lipstain: Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain #13
Hair by Verde Salon