Sephora Play! vs. Ipsy | January 2017 Review

Hello! Hope you're having a great week so far. A lot of new exciting things coming up that I can't wait to share later on... but for now, I'm going to start the new year (can you believe it's already February?!) first post with a brief review of Ipsy & Sephora Play!. Let's get started.


  1. ClariSEA’s SeaSalt Solutions Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant - Interesting idea of an exfoliant. This product is meant to be blended with a face cleanser and to be gently scrubbed onto the skin then rinse. I’ve used this a couple of times and I actually really like it! It is a salty product so definitely one must be careful and not apply it directly on fresh cuts, wounds, or sores.
  2. Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate Moss - Nothing too special, but I like how moisturizing it is on the lips. Super conditioning, soft and smooth results, and cute packaging. It has a lovely peachy scent to it, and is perfect for application prior to a matte lipstick. I will be keeping this baby in my travel-makeup bag.
  3. Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Desert Sunset #2 - A dusty pink/rose gold shimmer eyeshadow. I didn’t see anything too special about this eyeshadow but I will definitely be using it because it’s such a pretty color. The color seems to hold up pretty well and does not fall out like high-end eyeshadows I’ve tried.
  4. Pacifica Blushious in Wildrose - The perfect color for cheeks! Cute packaging and has a great shine to the formula. It stayed on all day for me although I believe it can vary depending on the type of skin. 
  5. Smashbox Cosmetics Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 in Light/Light Medium - This is probably the only item I will not be using from this month’s glam bag. Love Smashbox, but not something I need.

Sephora Play!


  1. Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey - Sheer and glossy lipstick that hydrates and has a color great for day and night. I’m more of a dark lip girl so this I can dig.
  2. tarte’s FRXXXTION Stick - An exfoliating gel cleanser that revitalizes the skin of impurities. This is a great product to have while traveling thanks to its small build and innovative twist-up stick. I look forward to using this more.
  3. Pinrose Wild Child - A fragrance I won’t be using.
  4. Dermablend Loose Setting Powder - I have a ton of loose setting powders that I favor more than this one. I prefer translucent powders rather than white that could reflect lighting, especially in night-time photos.
  5. Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Face Lifting Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - An anti-aging moisturizer that I won’t be using.

I actually did not like this month’s play bag. The only two items I’ll use are tarte’s FRXXXTION Stick and Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. Maybe next month will impress me further.

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Play! By Sephora, Birchbox, and Ipsy May 2016 Review

Happy Sunday!

Just another quick overview of this month's box subscriptions. To be honest, I haven't tried many of the new products in this box yet. There is a lot that I'd really be interested in testing out, but also some products that I don't see myself using either.


I received my third smashbox x-rated mascara! I love this mascara because it does not fall out and has a great formula that really adds length and boldness to the lashes. 

I paint my own nails but I don't use gel. I have not tried this Aurora Gel effect nail polish yet and I am a little nervous to give it a shot. Apparently I don't need to use UV light so that's a plus. Not sure if orange is my color but I'll have to think about it.

The creamy matte lipstick in nude by Mello unfortunately looked displeasing to me due to the bubbles (shown in the picture below). If any product looks like that when it get to me, it gives me a hunch that I just shouldn't bother with it. I also did not like the smell of the product so this is one I would not use.

Since I wear a ton of matte lipsticks, my lips tend to get extremely dry during the day, and by the end of the day I find myself tempting to peel the dry skin off my lips. It's a bad habit of mine and I know I regret it right after, haha. Thankfully I scored TWO chapsticks this month with Jersey Shore's moisture rich hydrating balm and Burt's Bee's tinted lip balm (birchbox)!

Last product is NoTS 28Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser, a Korean beauty brand straight from the mother-land. I am always amazed with the Korean beauty tips and tricks, but this one just did not do anything for me. I'll have to keep using it to really give a good opinion on this. 


I have never heard of Matrix OIL Wonders before. They came with two types of products and I like that they correlate with each other. I can't wait to use the Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Plumping Mousse! I was in need of a new mousse as I ran out and was just about to buy a new one from TRESemmé. The second product from Matrix is their Matrix Oil Shampoo for Fine Hair, which is a silicone-free shampoo that is enriched with rose hip seed oil and is to gently cleanse, volumize, soften, and adds shine to the hair.

Another Eyeko eyeliner, yay! I currently use their fat liquid eyeliner... and now I have their skinny liquid eyeliner to play with! Absolutely love their eyeliners because of how much control I have with the felt tips. It seems very thick but the pointy tip gives it a great finish, especially for that wing we all love.

COOLA's Classic Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea will be one I bring along with me to Colorado. We plan on going hiking so I'm definitely going to need an SPF 50 to protect my skin from the sun. Even though I won't be around a beach or pool, it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Speaking of Colorado and pool... I sort of want to re-visit my aunt's neighborhood pool that my sister, cousin, and I used to go to ALL the time whenever we visited! That place brings back a lot of memories... But anyway, next!

The only product I don't see myself using from this month's birchbox is the PARLOR Sea Salt Spray by Jeff Chastain. I just don't think I will need this particular product. It is going in my products-to-give-away box!

Play! by Sephora

I love Bite and their products. I have purchased a lot from Sephora and have grown quite fond of their brand. Although I don't buy too many creme lipsticks anymore, I was very excited to see their amuse bouche lipstick make its way to this month's box. Very pigmented, creamy, and worth. There are over 40 colors available!

KORRES' Wild Rose + Vitamin C advanced brightening sleeping facial is great for normal, sensitive, dry, and oily skin types. It is to be used as an overnight facial to help with uneven skin tone while improving skin texture for a brighter and luminous you. This is something I've been using nightly and I definitely recommend it because of how great it makes my skin feel. There is a scent and it can be overwhelming for some.

My hair is sooo dead from dying it so much. I will be giving Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask a try tomorrow. This is an intensive weekly treatment to help restore the essential hydration my hair needs, so I will come back and edit this post to share the results. I am in desperate need for a deep conditioning so thank you Sephora!

Atelier Cologne has this lovely orange scent that reminds me of a ripe fruit. I love fruits, therefore I shall use this fragrance, haha. Now is it worth the $120 that it is retailed for? Eh, I'm not sure any fragrance is worth that much in my opinion. But just so you know, Sephora allows up to 3 or 5 samples - all you have to do is ask.

Origins Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer stung my face so I had to wash it off immediately. I guess my skin is too sensitive for it. Last in Sephora's Play is tarte's tartiest lip crayon, which I won't be using as I have too many lip products and don't see the need for this. 

Photos taken by Me.